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All you need to know about volunteering

We are always in need of reliable, committed, team spirited and motivated people to crew our rescue vessels so they can effectively save lives at sea.

Being a Coastguard Auckland volunteer requires dedication and extensive training. We are looking for volunteers that are good all-rounders who can contribute to a team environment. You must have a reasonable level of fitness, good English skills (English is the official language of mariners), good hearing and the ability to understand and follow instructions. You should have some practical ability to work with equipment (such as stretchers, pumps and rescue equipment). Boating experience is a plus, and you must be able to swim. It is preferred that you live within a 15-20minute drive (off-peak) from our base at Mechanics Bay, Parnell.

You must be a NZ Citizen or Permanent NZ Resident. Candidates will undertake screening assessments and be required to pass a Police Vetting check prior to commencing training.

Coastguard offers the opportunity for volunteers to serve the community while having fantastic opportunities for learning and personal development. You also get to use some very well equipped and capable vessels!

Our volunteers are part of New Zealand's army of humble heroes, helping save lives at sea. If you think you have what it takes, simply follow the link below and email us to go on the waitlist for our next intake.

Please note that we do not always have active vacancies open, however we'll be in touch as soon as we can!


Coastguard Auckland rescue crews are all volunteers. Our vessels are on standby 24/7, 365 days of the year and require crewing. It's a big commitment but comes with big rewards - saving lives at sea.

We are currently recruiting! Please click the link below and apply online.


"Volunteer Crew donate hundreds of hours each year to maintain and develop the diverse set of skills required to be effective Search and Rescue personnel and willingly resource our assets to support the boating public."

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