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Trillian Rescue Alpha LION Foundation Rescue and ASB Rescue in line astern off Islington Bay.



Coastguard in New Zealand is a big organisation and a quick snapshot of how it is put together will help you understand what this Units place is in the scheme of things.

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Auckland Coastguard Incorporated
Annual General Meeting at the Auckland Marine Rescue Centre,
Tuesday June 24, 2014 at 1930 hours

1) Apologies
2) Recognition of Life Members attending and welcome to special guests
3) A minutes silence for those members who have passed on
4) Confirm minutes of the last AGM held 25th June 2013
5) Presidents Report
6) Funding Committee Report
6.1) to elect and declare replacement to retiring FundCom member.
7) Receive the Annual Report including Financial Statements
8) Items for General Business.
8.1) Acknowledge changes to ACI General Regulations
9) To transact any other business that may be properly brought before the meeting.
10) To fix the annual subscription for the ensuing year
11) Appointment of Honorary Members
12) Awards
13) To elect and declare Officers and Committee for the ensuing year
a) President
b) Vice President
c) Three Board Members

e) RV Committee (permanent sub-committee of the Board)
i. Rescue Vessel Group Captain
ii. DRV Trillian Rescue Alpha - Crew Chief
iii. DRV LION Foundation Rescue - Crew Chief
iv. DRV ASB Rescue - Crew Chief
v. CRV - Crew Liaison
vi. Auxiliary Section - Vice Captain

14) Appoint Delegate(s) to the RNZC Conference
15) Appointment of Auditor

Graham Brown


Auckland Coastguards replacement for LION Foundation Rescue is a high speed foil assisted catamaran designed by Nic de Waal of Teknicraft Design Auckland and built in Wanganui New Zealand by Q-West Boat Builders. The new vessel is an aluminium, live aboard, multi SAR mission capable vessel, designed to operate in the greater Hauraki Gulf out of our base at the Marine Rescue Centre, Mechanics Bay,  Auckland. She will be surveyed to operate in all waters between North Cape and East Cape. The build is progressing well......

Work on the hull has reached the stage where it is rolled onto its keel to work on the superstructure and deck.
Suspended from the crane the inside of the hulls see daylight for the first time. but it will not be for very long.
On her feet for the first time and for the rest of her working life the hull is ready to be rolled back into the factory.
Jigged up for the next phase, superstructure and internal compartments, a huge step forward to launching day.